Agape Newsletter


What is Agape Outreach Homes?

Agape Outreach Homes is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which provides housing and care for men with severe persistent mental illness.  Agape is a Greek word meaning “unconditional love”, and Agape Outreach Homes exists to extend this love to our clients and community.  We serve 24 adult men through education/training at the home on all daily living skills (cooking, cleaning, medication management, etc.), and partner with a psychosocial rehabilitation program (PSR) that offers classes about their mental illness, coping skills, and much more. Also offered are opportunities to acquire a GED, get a job, or even attend college.  Our program gives individuals housing, effective treatment, education/training and support with a holistic approach that prevents hospitalization and “graduates” them into independent living.


Thank You for Supporting the Raise the Roof Campaign

The "Garden House" has a roof that is over 18 years old and needs to be replaced. The roof has already shown signs of leaking which can cause damage to the roofing structure and the house interior. Our solution is to tear off the existing roof and install a new roof which we have a quote for $8,000.


We received donations from our GoFundMe page plus other sources and have raised a total of $8,596 for the Garden Roof. Thank you everyone you helped with this campaign!